memories of the past

Memories of the Past

I can’t get past the old Old friendships Ex-relationships Past family tiffs Old conversations still linger in my brain, spreading nostalgic lips into a smile. Old arguments shake my core, leaving wallowed anger. Memories are all they are but their reminiscences triggers old emotions, bottled emotions, new and untouched emotions. I remember the boy who first broke my heart shattered even the broken pieces the pain of the shards piercing my chest still lingers I remember the harsh red eyes of my father insulting my being sullying my soul I remember the first girl I dubbed best-friend sweet words

Scene – One

One – Fall She collapsed from her seat, eyes rolling back, body rigid inactivity consciousness drifting from reality. He caught her in record time before her soft skin could plummet the hard unforgiving ground. He panics, calls her name once, twice…dozen before coming to his senses, reaches in his pocket for his phone. *** The hospital, still unconscious, she clutches his hand unseemly ready to not let go. He smiles brushing a hand across her flushed face. The grip lessens her eyes open. She smiles as if she’s seeing him for the first time. “Wow! You’re like a painting.”
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